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Friday, August 15, 2014

List of Prepper "High-Value" Barter Items

   When that big storm hits or even worse a complete economic collapse, your not going to worried because you have prepared yourself right? Of course you did.

   Just in case you may have missed an item or two, I have compiled a list of "High-Value" items that will not only be helpful to you but can also be traded for things you may need or want. Even if you are a single male or female, there are a few things you may consider buying. There is also a few items that you may never use (ex.tobacco) but that doesn't mean it's a bad investment.

   This list is only partial because there is too many items that could be added depending on your location and situation.

   Here We Go:

  Not in any type of order

   1)  Batteries
   2)  Disposable lighters/Matches
   3)  Feminine hygiene products
   4)  Toilet paper
   5)  Ammunition
   6)  Cigarettes/Tobacco
   7)  Alcohol...the drinking kind
   8)  OTC medications
   9)  Infant formula
 10)  Coffee
 11)  MRE's
 12)  Bottled water
 13)  Tarps
 14)  First Aid kit
 15)  Candles
 16)  All Fuels....heating, cooking, transportation
 17)  Flashlights
 18)  Condoms
 19)  Hand sanitizer / Water sanitizer
 20)  Candy/Gum
 21)  Sunscreen
 22)  Two stroke oil, Chain saw oil
 23)  Diapers
 24)  Duct tape or Rope
 25)  Reading glasses
 26)  Deck of Cards
 27)  Pots, Pans, Buckets
 28)  Seeds
 29)  Warm clothing
 30)  Gold and Silver
 31)  Hand tools and Gardening tools
 32)  Pepper spray
 33)  Fishing supplies
 34)  Latex gloves
 35)  Paper and Pencils
 36)  Sewing supplies
 37)  Bags...Garbage and smaller zip-lock type
 38)  Informative books and field guides
 39)  Vitamins
 40)  Peroxide

   The list can go on and on, but I believe all the items listed above can easily be used in a barter situation.

   Please comment below about what you think you would be a good barter item.

               It's easier to survive, if your gear survives