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Friday, July 11, 2014

What is a keyhole fire pit?

  I first heard of a key hole fire pit only a few years ago. I don't know how I missed out on this one, but I did. So what is it? Well it is one of the easiest, safest, and most logical way to cook your food or heat water using natural wood coals.

  There is three things you will need to make your fire pit:

    1)  Enough rocks to form a circular fire pit plus a few extra
    2)  A metal grate to cook on or to hold pots and pans (you can use your
         BBQ grill grate or a shelf  form your oven will work)
    3)  Dry fire wood

  Here's a picture on how to set up the rocks and where to put the grate and fire wood.

  Once your fire burns down and produces plenty of coals, carefully move the coals to the area where your grate is located. Make sure to use plenty of coals so the heat lasts for a long time. Of course you can always add more as needed. That's it! It just can't get any easier. I'm sure you will love the fresh campfire taste. If you would like to add some extra yummy flavor, experiment with different types of wood. (cherry, apple, sassafras)

  I would like to hear about other fire pit designs and your favorite wood to burn. Please leave a message in the comment section below.

Just a little joke for you all. If anyone finds it offensive or not appropriate, let me know
A husband and his wife who have been married 20 years were doing some yard work. The man was working hard cleaning the BBQ grill while his wife was bending over, weeding flowers from the flower bed. So the man says to his wife "Your rear end is almost as wide as this grill" She ignores the remark. A little later, the husband takes his measuring tape and measures the grill, then he goes over to his wife while she is bending over, measures her rear end and gasps, "Geez, it really IS as wide as the grill!" She ignores this remark as well. Later that night while in bed, her husband starts to feel frisky. The wife calmly responds, "If you think I'm gonna fire up the grill for one little wiener, you are sadly mistaken."