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Monday, August 18, 2014

Survival Stove For Under A $1


   Survival stove for under a $1? Yes that's right and it will only take less than 10 minutes to make.

   Ever been it the situation where you are headed down to the river for some day fishing and you don't want to bring your bulky propane stove? Maybe you're on a morning hike and you would like to stop, take in the scenery, and heat up a quick cup of coffee. What options do you have? You could bring along your Esbit or Trangia stove, but maybe you haven't purchased one yet.

Esbit Folding Stove
Trangia Alcohol Stove

   Let me introduce you to the "Penny Stove". This handy, lightweight little stove is perfect as a back-up heating source in any survival situation. You can even use it as your primary source once you get familiar with it. Made from a discarded aluminum can, the only thing you will need to buy is the heating fuel.

   The tools you will need:
   1)  Two empty clean soda/beer cans. Some people prefer the larger energy drink can.
   2)  A marker
   3)  1 inch raised surface
   4)  Scissors or Utility blade
   5)  Needle nose pliers
   6)  Thumbtack or 1/16 drill bit. I prefer the drill bit and so will you.
   7)  Small piece of fiberglass insulation...optional
   8)  Penny
   9)  Bottle of "Heet" or denatured alcohol

   In the following video you will see the utility blade being used. I like use the marker to make a line and then use the scissors to cut the can. I also do not use the silicone and insulation because I worry about toxic fumes. That's just me

  I would like to thank PreppingItForward for a video well made. I encourage everyone to watch more of his videos and subscribe.

   With any alcohol stove used outdoors, it is best to use a wind screen for better performance. One can easily be made with a piece of aluminum foil. If you forget to bring some foil with you, use a few large stones or logs to create a windless area. Also remember when burning alcohol in a bright space, the flames are nearly invisible so use extra caution. I like to use my hand to feel the heat to make sure the flame is still burning.

   Next time you're at the gas station and see those yellow bottles of Heet, stop and pick one up, then go to the beverage cooler and grab a six pack. You'll have the perfect little project for the evening.

         It's Easier To Survive, When Your Gear Survives

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