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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cheap Paracord....DO NOT BUY

   I really enjoy writing posts about topics that I have plenty of personal experience. This one I do NOT.

   550 Paracord has become the mainstream cord for the masses. If you are a survivalist, prepper or a weekend camper, I'm sure you have heard of it.

   This whole post will mostly contain information and a video copied from other people. I value their opinions and I believe you should too.

                                                        Types of Paracord
TypeMinimum strengthMinimum elongationMinimum length per poundCore yarnsSheath structure
I95 lb (43 kg)30%950 ft (290 m; max. 1.57 g/m)116/1
IA100 lb (45 kg)30%1050 ft (320 m; max. 1.42 g/m)<no core>16/1
II400 lb (181 kg)30%265 ft (81 m; max. 5.62 g/m)4 to 732/1 or 36/1
IIA225 lb (102 kg)30%495 ft (151 m; max. 3.00 g/m)<no core>32/1 or 36/1
III550 lb (249 kg)30%225 ft (69 m; max. 6.61 g/m)7 to 932/1 or 36/1
IV750 lb (340 kg)30%165 ft (50 m; max. 9.02 g/m)1132/1, 36/1, or 44/1
source: wikipedia

The military has used 550 parachute cord from several different suppliers over the years. The current supplier is a company in Marathon, NY, by the name of E.L. Wood Braiding Co. They wont sell to you unless you are a distributor and purchasing great quantities. 
Now the difference: this cord from the E.L Wood Braiding Co. (which I will now refer to as "true" paracord) has the traditional 7 strands in a finely braided sheath. However, each strand is made up of 3 small strands, not 2 (like some of the knock-offs I have purchased). E.L. Wood makes their cord distinguishable by having one of the seven strands made up of some black fibers (as some knock-offs do), AND some yellow fibers (none of the knock-offs I bought have yellow). The description for true paracord is Mil-C-5040H TYPE III. A cheaper cord will say something like Mil-spec, or Military Grade. Don't be fooled. source:BackwoodsBum


   So it is best to do your research before trusting your life on any type of safety gear. If you are looking for some cheap nylon rope to string up a tarp or make a bracelet, then why not give it a try.

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