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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Survival Whistle...How Loud Can You Yell?

  We have all been in a crowded  place. It may of been a concert, sporting event, or a festival. One thing is for sure, it's loud. Then you try to talk with the person next to you and you get a "what?" or a nod and smile. Definitely not the place for a first date.
  Can you think of a few sounds that can over power such loud noises? A police siren usually comes to mind. A big boom sound or maybe a scream. What I would like to talk about is the All Mighty whistle, yes whistle. It can be a lifesaver.

  The whistle has been used for many years. You may recognize the sound to signal a foul during a sporting event, a lunch break, a police warning, or some random person trying to get your attention. No matter how it is used, it will make you turn your head and pay attention. Heck, dogs can't even resist.


  When you're out hiking the backwoods or just playing in the urban jungle, there is no cheaper and more effective way to call attention to yourself than a whistle. There is a lot of different types of whistles manufactured today so I'm going to cover the basic types used for personal safety.

       BASIC WHISTLE : The one you see above is the most common type. It is made from metal or plastic and can easily be attached to a lanyard or a key chain.

       SURVIVAL WHISTLE : This whistle is usually flat and compact and sometime is designed into a multi function product (whistle/compass/matches container)

        CREDIT CARD WHISTLE : It may be an effective whistle, but getting access to it in an emergency situation may be difficult. The best part of the whistle is that it comes in a multi-purpose package. This one is on my " I Want One" list.

         THE AIR HORN :  I know its not a whistle, but if you are going to be out on the water it can save your life. We have all seen people being scared by the incredibly loud noise it makes. This will for sure get someones attention.

   There are so many affordable and unique types of whistles available that there is no reason for not owning at least one. Have one on your person, in your BOB, car, home, and/or boat. The small investment will be worth millions the first time you need to use it.

   Check out the "Great Plains Recommended" page under "Fun and Unique" for a link to the credit card whistle

                              It's easier to survive  when your gear survives