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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wild Blackberries

    Put your shoes on because it's that time of the year. July usually brings high temperatures and plenty of mosquitoes but it also brings a refreshing treat. So when you're done picking through your garden for the first tomato or pepper, don't forget about the garden nature planted.

   The Blackberry: A tasty sweet fruit that looks like a raspberry. It is usually found in sunny locations along the roadside or hiking trails. The bushes that they grow on may be up to 8-10 feet tall and are loaded with thorns. The most common uses for the berries is cobblers, jams, salad toppings, and brandy (my favorite).

   Do you remember this past spring when colorful blossoms were everywhere you looked? Did you happen to notice these?

   Before I start to sound like a Wikipedia article, I'm going to stop right here.

   Get outside! You can even bring your cell phone with you and have a good time. 

   There are plenty of App makers out there that will help you identify bird calls or wild berries. How fun is that?

 Imagine getting away from the daily grind and rekindling yourself with the nature you have so long forgotten

 When was the last time you took a walk and actually slowed your pace to enjoy the beauty around you?   Did you gather any special treats to bring back home? And no!, I am not referring to your dogs poop.

  So keep a look out. Berries are plentiful  in mid summer but there is also spring Asparagus and Morel mushrooms. Wild onions can pop up almost any time and do not forget about fruit bearing trees later in the season.

   Do yourself a favor and get outside. Pass your new found knowledge onto someone you care about (or not). You can still bring the smartphone with you as a security blanket. If you  happen to see Yogi Bear along the way, tell him I sent you.