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Monday, July 28, 2014

Preppers..Did You Think About This?

    So you have all your firewood cut, buckets of dehydrated food stacked, and your barrels of Mylar sealed rice, beans, and everyday staples are prepped and ready to go. Yes!, you are ahead of the game. No disaster can stop you now. As you go over your checklist for the ump..teenth time, did you ever think about mobility?

Of course you did. You are a prepper and you are always thinking ahead.

When people talk about mobility they think about long distances. A truck, a RV, a boat, a four wheeler, or a bicycle. Did you ever think about short distances?

Just in case you overlooked this one, i would like to bring it to your attention.

Most people in the states call them a dolly but the real name is a two wheeled hand cart. They are made of  steel tubing or extruded aluminum and you can purchase a dolly with solid rubber or pneumatic wheels. Some dollies have an attachment on the backside to help in stair climbing and others have a tie-down strap to help with large objects.

 So why do i need one and which one should I buy?

Here is a partial list of uses:

Material hauler: Whether it is prepped food or firewood, the dolly will make your tasks quicker while using less energy.

Person hauler:  In an extreme emergency, carrying a 170 lb loved one is not a simple task. a good dolly can easily move a injured person to a near by medical facility.

Big Game hauler:  When SHTF and you are all alone trying to feed your family, how are you going to get that much needed fresh kill home?

Drunk Ass hauler:  We all have friends that say "watch this". Go to your local hill and dare them to take a ride. After a good laugh and a possible Youtube video, count the broken bones and ask the next guy if he can do it better.


Buying Guide:

Steel vs aluminum:  If you are buying a dolly to carry a lot of weight, steel is the best choice. If you have to repair your dolly, steel is the easiest. The only advantage of aluminum is it is slighty lighter and less prone to corrosion. Steel is without a doubt the best way to go.

 Hard rubber vs Pneumatic tires:  Spend a day using the small hard rubber tires and you will never want to use them again. Walk across our front yard with both tire options and you will quickly understand. Buy yourself a dolly with the biggest pneumatic tire you can find, a $5 patch kit, and a hand operated air pump. Trust me.

Handles:  Do not miss this one. Some dollies are made for 2 handed operation only. RED FLAG. SKIP IT. MOVE ON. a good dolly has a handle that can be used with one hand or two. 
 I have been in many situations that a two handed only dolly just won't work. In fact, I think they are of poor quality and the person who designed it, never used it once. NEVER. Keep your eye out for D handle dollies. Two thumbs up from me.

We are all unique individuals and have different likes. I hope this article gives you some thought and direction on your next purchase.

   I would like to recommend my Amazon store, but Harbor Freight is better on this one.

       It's Easier to Survive When Your Gear Survives