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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mora knives......Light My Fire Review

  Impressive but  not perfected. I just received the Light My Fire knife from the Swedish company Mora. To my surprise, it came with a free spork to match my red knife. Mora offers 5 different colors: black, red, green, blue and orange. I chose red because if  I set down my knife in some leaves or brush, I sure would like to find it easily.
  One thing for certain is that the knife was delivered very sharp. I quickly whittled up some dry Sycamore without a problem. Then I found some 3 inch wide pieces of wood and batoned them into kindling quite easily. After a hour of some rough abuse the knife remained very sharp. I was definitely impressed so far.
  The knife has only a 3/4 tang. Meaning the steel part of the blade goes 3/4 of the way through the handle. The knife was made this way to conceal a small but useful ferro rod. At the end of the handle is a piece that when twisted and pulled reveals this handy fire starter. When striking the ferro rod with the backside of the knife, you will notice that it produces a large and hot spark. I gathered some dry field grass from the edge of my property and made it into a birds nest (tinder bundle). To my surprise, I was able to light it on my first strike.

  Now comes the bad news. The knife does come with a plastic sheath. It is sturdy and keeps the knife very secure. The back side of the sheath has a strong locking clip that will easily attach to most belts. Easy on, easy off. The down side to this is how the knife and sheath is designed. Please understand that I'm one of those "oddball" people born left-handed. For me to easily get the knife removed from the snug fitting sheath, I must wear it on my right side and take my left hand across my body to access it. It is kind of a pain to do, but not a deal breaker for me.
   So there you have it. At $34 USD, which included shipping and a free spork, it is truly a knife to consider. It is lightweight, can start a fire, very sharp, colorful, and well made. Another great knife from Mora.

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