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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Is The Best Camping Soap?

 Named after a region in Spain, Castile soap is not a brand, it is style of soap making.

   Theses soaps use Olive Oil which makes it one of the first non-animal-based oil soaps every produced. All Castile soaps are organic, bio-degradable, and safe for the environment. Most of the soaps are also vegan and allergy-free.

   The soaps history can be tracked back hundreds of years, but sometime in the 1880/1890 's the first liquid Castile soap was produced by the Heilbronn company. Today the soap brand is called Dr. Bronner's.

   I highly recommend this product. It can be used for personal hygiene, dish washing, pet shampoo, and even washing the dirt off your car.

 Dr. Bronner's is an excellent product and the company is very much involved with creating the safest product for the environment. 

   If you have any interest in their products, I encourage you to check out their website. Dr. Bronner's 

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